Neiman Marcus Connect

A first-of-its-kind application, built from scratch


App Strategy
User Research
Information Architecture
UX & UI Design
In an effort to consolidate multiple disconnected legacy systems that caused frustration for both sales associates and customers, luxury retailer Neiman Marcus invested in a massive industry-leading initiative, for which I was chosen to be the lead designer. I worked closely with the Product Director to develop a vision and a strategy to bring it to life.

The result of this effort was Neiman Marcus Connect, an application that empowers sales associates to give the best high-end customer experience in retail, and helps store and regional managers to track sales and better coach those that report to them.

Neiman Marcus Connect app Home screen


Order status and daily sales at-a-glance make it easy for sales associates to see how they’re doing and attend to any issues.

Neiman Marcus Connect app order history screen

Order History

Gives associates visibility to every sale they have made across all channels, and the ability to make sure orders are getting sent out on time.

Neiman Marcus Connect app inbox screen


Having all client communications in one place makes it easier to reference previous messages, send product and style recs, and separates work from personal messages.

Neiman Marcus Connect app SKU tracker screen

SKU Tracker

Allows sales associates to keep track of who wanted which item, and easily contact them when it is back in stock.

When I first started building out screens, I realized that the design system I had developed for the customer-facing Neiman Marcus website was not appropriate for this associate-facing productivity tool. Starting from the design language I had previously created, I built a new design system that was tailored to handle the needs of the new applications.

Neiman Marcus Connect app design system form fields

Neiman Marcus Connect app design system headers and navigation

Neiman Marcus Connect app design system modals

“NM Connect is the most empowering tool that has ever been given to us. It truly allows us to be the point of difference in retail. We are able to instantly fulfill client’s wishes with skilled advice and outstanding service.”

— Neiman Marcus sales associate